Exim Artis

Our Operations

Core operations

Exim Artis exclusively source premium natural coal from wholly owned mines and processing plants across our operations in Kazakhstan, one of the world’s leading reserves of high-grade coal products.

Our core operations are located in Karaganda region of central Kazakhstan, colocated with our wholly owned distribution and loading infrastructure.

Coal Extraction & Mining

With Kazakhstan based mines extracting high-grade metallurgical and steaming coal, Exim Artis export 100% of product to global customers

As of 2023, we operate 5 mines: Baizhanova, Batyr, Kirosvskava, Zapadnaya and Zavyalovskoye

Coal Processing & Washing

We’re one of Asia’s leading coal operations, working end-to-end across mining, extraction, processing, washing, trading and export.

We operate two plants OF #38 and Karagandinskaya delivering in total 4m. Tonnes annually.

Transportation & Export Sales

Exim Artis own and operate end-to-end transport and logistics to market including our own transport company for export sales.

Together across the Exim Artis group we export over 2m. Tonnes of coal product annually.

Our Communities

We are proud to have a delivered a 100% safety record with 0 injuries or incidents in the lifetime of our operations across Kazakhstan.

Throughout our Kazakhstan facilities, throughout the lifecycle of our operations, we respect, uphold the highest standards in all internationally recognised human rights, in line with the UN UHR.

Caring for our people and community is core to who we are.

For 25 years, Exim Artis has been a leading advocate for these principles being robustly enshrined in businesses standards and governance across Kazakhstan

Our Heritage


Annual tonnes

Met coal, steam coal, PCI are our key commodity products, which make up 2million+ annual tonnage shipped to customers


Markets operated in

Serving Europe, UK, Asia markets with regional offices plus mining operations in Kazakhstan, we serve coal products to global customers



Working across mining, processing, operations, logistics, and global distribution we are proud to have a diverse, highly skilled workforce



Our streamlined distribution and supplier network mean we can deliver  reliable, high grade commodities at the most competitive cost points