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Exim Artis is proud to be recognized as one of Kazakhstan’s original, pioneering coal mining operations, and today one of the region’s leading industry success stories.

We endeavour to be environmentally responsible, to operate the most robust health and safety regulations in the market, and to support at length the communities in which we operate.

 For over 25 years, Exim Artis has delivered high-grade Kazakh-sourced natural resources abundant with premium quality characteristics to the global market, establishing ourselves as a reputable, reliable and robust partner.

Today, our vision drives what we do: to make a positive difference to those we serve, and in the environments we operate, doing so sustainably.

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Batyr Mine

Baizhanov Mine

Kirovskaya Mine

Zapadnaya Mine

Zavyalovskoye field

Carbon chemical laboratory
Central contcentrating factory "Karagandinskaya"

Concentrating factory 38

New Coal Chemical Laboratory